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Best Mobile/Digital Wallets in Nepal [2020]

Best Digital wallet in Nepal
Best Digital wallets in Nepal
Best Digital wallets in Nepal

In our technologically-fueled life, online payment gateway is making it easier for us to make cashless transactions from anywhere using our mobile phone. With the hype of e-commerce business globally and in Nepal the usage of Digital wallets has rapidly increased over the past couple of years.

Mobile/Digital wallet is a new concept in Nepal that is slowly beginning to replace traditional payment methods. And today I’ll be discussing the best digital wallets (online payment gateways) in Nepal as of 2020.

Before digging upon the list of best Digital wallets, let’s find out what are Digital wallets?

What are Mobile/Digital wallets?

A mobile wallet, in simple terms, is a virtual mobile-based wallet where one can store cash for making mobile, online, or offline payments. You can make such transactions via the internet(website), SMS, or a mobile app. Among the options available the most convenient method is the mobile app.

Talking about the history of digital wallets in Nepal. The concept of digital/mobile wallet started in 2009 after the launch of eSewa by F1 Soft International. The introduction of eSewa changed the concept of digital payment in Nepal.

Following that other payment systems like Khalti, IME Pay, QPay, etc. have launched their services in Nepal.

Here are some of the best mobile wallet in Nepal and what they offer to their customers. 

Note: The list has been prepared based on the popularity and as well as the services they offer.

Best Mobile/Digital wallets in Nepal :

1. E-Sewa

E-Sewa is the most popular and first payment gateway in Nepal. It is developed by F1  soft leading Nepali tech company. And, it has also been licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as a Payment Service Provider.

Reasons to put eSewa on the top of our list :

  • It was introduced long back and subsequently has a bigger client base.
  • It has one of the best App UI, everything is so organized and so easy on the eyes too.
  • eSewa has support to more than 20 major banks in Nepal.
  • They have a greater range of payment options and services.
  • Maximum E-commerce sites and online service providers accept payment through eSewa.
  • Users can also use eSewa offline mode through SMS service.
  • They have dedicated eSewa recharge points all over Nepal to load funds easier than ever.
  • Also adding funds is made super easy with one tap mobile banking.
  • Offers cashback and rewards on almost every transaction.

Services provided by eSewa :

  • Mobile top-ups
  • Direct Bank transfer
  • Remittance service
  • Internet/TV subscription payment
  • Newspaper subscription payment
  • Insurance payments
  • School/College fees payment
  • E-commerce payments for Daraz, Sasto deal, and many more.
  • Flight ticketing, Movie ticketing, etc.

eSewa has the aim to provide service to every goods/service-related sectors in Nepal. The company has been working hard to create a cashless economy in the coming days. It is constantly helping small and big companies with their payment platform and will be serving more and more industries to grow in the coming future.

2. Khalti

Khalti digital wallet is another popular payment service provider in Nepal. Launched in January 2017, Khalti has over half a million downloads on the Google Play Store and a vast number of users on the iOS platform as well. People are using this platform for their payment solutions from the day of its launch. It is developed by Sparrow Pay Pvt. Ltd. and has recently got the Payment Service Provider (PSP) license from Nepal Rastra Bank.

Reasons to put Khalti on 2nd spot of our list :

  • Khalti is nearly similar to eSewa in terms of few services.
  • Khalti has more than 8000 POS and Agent Network offering Khalti services to end-users.
  • It has an Open Source API for Payment Gateway
  • You can now also find the biometric security option (fingerprint) like in eSewa
  • It also offers cashback and “khalti points” in almost all transactions.

Services provided by Khalti Digital Wallet:

  • Quick Online Mobile Recharge
  • Electricity and Water supply Bill Payments
  • Internet and TV operator bill payment
  • Domestic flight and movie tickets booking
  • Insurance payments
  • Various events Ticketing with Cashback

Khalti offers payment solutions to hundreds of merchants across Nepal and provides seamless payments using E-banking, smart banking, cards, and digital wallet. The objective of Khalti is to simplify the life of people through their payment solutions and to make payment industry cashless in Nepal.

3. IME pay

A leading payment gateway in Nepal and an advanced digital wallet, IME pay is a subsidiary product of IME Remittance, which is one of the leading remittance companies in Nepal. Being a new player in the Nepalese fintech market, it has gained popularity in a short period of time.

IME pay is different from others.Here,why?

  • It provides remittance service. You can directly receive money on your IME Pay account using IME Control Number.
  • Payment for Vehicle’s fuel in petrol pumps with Rs. 2 cashback
  • A certain percentage of cashback on some of the transactions.
  • Load money in your IME Pay wallet directly from the linked bank account

Services provided by IME pay:

  • Mobile remittance service
  • Electricity and Water supply Bill Payments
  • Internet/TV subscription payment
  • Flight tickets booking
  • Vehicle’s fuel payment
  • Chandragiri Cable Car Ticketing
  • EMI payments

Their digital wallet services have improved and updated over time. Therefore, IME pay successfully gets 3rd spot on our list of best digital wallets in Nepal.

4. Prabhu pay

PrabhuPay is a mobile wallet with a mobile-based payment solution under Prabhu Technology Pvt. Ltd.With over a hundred thousand downloads on the Google Play Store and a praiseworthy userbase on the iOS platform it has been able to get popularity in very little time.

Like every other digital wallet in this list, you can make utility payments using PrabhuPay and will get a certain amount of cashback upon transactions on some of them as well.

Services provided by Prabhu pay includes

  • Mobile top-ups
  • Internet/TV subscription payment
  • Newspaper subscription payment
  • Prabhu money transfer remittance
  • Insurance payments
  • Hospital appointment booking and bill payment

Moving on It’s a new digital wallet in Nepal, it lags behind in terms of the number of services available on the platform. But it provides some distinct payment services like Hospital bill payment and appointment bookings. Thus, it secures the number four place in our list of best digital wallets in Nepal.

5. QPay Nepal :

Furthermore, last but not least on this list is QPay Nepal. QPay Pvt. Ltd. Incorporated and registered in Nepal has brought forward a mobile-based payment solution. They have partnered with more than 45 banks in Nepal.

QPay Solution utilizes cutting edge technology to provide simplified payment solution to all the stakeholders (Consumers, Merchants, and Financial Institutions).

Services provided by Qpay :

  • Payment for retail Outlets (Clothing Stores, Shopping Marts, Grocery and others)
  •  Allows UnionPay wallet users to pay via their wallet for goods and services rendered.
  • Phone Bills payment
  • Electricity Bills payment
  •  QPay users can withdraw funds from their QPay wallet through various QPay merchant locations.

Qpay solution is a paradigm shift in the payment landscape and provides an alternate solution for everyday small value transactions which is or has been traditionally cash-based.

The core focus of Qpay is to simplify the payment in line with the company motto “Payment Simplified”.


Certainly, there are a lot more digital wallets in Nepal and many more are upcoming. We have made this list considering our experience and services they offer. We will keep updating the list with the best ones.

Furthermore, there’s a growing need for secure, faster, and efficient payment methods for the online marketplace in Nepal. Start-ups and huge corporates are constantly on the lookout for customer-friendly technology.

Thus, the day you will walk around without a physical wallet and pay your local vegetable vendors and Kirana store uncle using a mobile wallet is not so far.

Do you use any of these mobile wallets? Have we missed out on something important? Write to us in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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