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Is Samsung going to take over?

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Amongst the ongoing tension between the USA and China, Korean brand Samsung is certainly profiting. The US is limiting the Chinese brands and China is limiting the American brands, along with this conflict, Samsung holds that middle ground. When we look at the top smartphone vendors globally, we realise that Huawei is a huge company. It was the biggest threat to Samsung but not anymore. Google has denied working with Huawei. Huawei can no longer use Google Play and manufacture their flagship chipsets. With Huawei out of their way, Apple is the only formidable company for Samsung. In retaliation, China has been slowly discouraging Apple products just because it is an American brand. With both competitors out of the way, Samsung will slowly take over.

But How?

Samsung has found itself in a position that people are wanting to buy more Samsung phones. To this, they have started responding lately. The launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Fan Edition was focussed to capitalise on the increased demand for Samsung. Samsung has been launching more phones than ever and it might further increase in upcoming days. While Apple is planning to launch its first-ever 5G phone, Samsung is indirectly the one getting profited. It is due to Samsung being one of the few companies to manufacture 5G infrastructures. Samsung has already joined hands with Verizon to build the 5G infrastructure in the US. They are hugely getting benefitted from that “Non-Chinese” tag. They have already started planning for 6G! The better its networking business gets, the better gets its smartphone business.

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Samsung has most of its revenue generated from its semi-conductor business. Even Huawei was among the few companies to build their own chipsets, but not anymore. The US ban has made it impossible for Huawei to manufacture its own chipset after 2020. 20% of the market which was powered by Kirin chipsets is going to feature Samsung chipsets. Despite their own, they have already bagged all orders to build the Snapdragon 875 chipsets for the next year.

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Samsung serves a very large userbase, unlike Apple. Everything from ultra-budget category devices to the flagships. They have even started shifting their focus to the foldables. With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G and Z flip 5G, Samsung has already started milking that category, too. While the Us and China are falling apart, Samsung is in a perfect position to gain from this. As the whole world follow the US’s footsteps, this can lead to Samsung enjoying a global victory. As samsung increases their smartphone users, they can sell other services too.

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