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Ministry of Education announced to provide Free Internet for Students from Ashoj

Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has announced to provide free internet to students and schools from the upcoming Ashoj encourage e-learning/online classes.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic e-learning has become an alternative way to provide education and run classes. Many schools in Nepal are providing classes through an online video conference.

We should also consider the fact that not every student from different parts of our country can afford the internet. Many schools and students complained that online classes were affected by the high cost of internet package. So, considering this Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has planned to provide free internet packages to the students for educational purposes.

In the Student Learning Facilitation Guideline passed in 19 Bhadra by the ministerial decision, the role of the Ministry is clearly mentioned in the guideline to provide free and concessional data packages to schools and students from Nepal Telecom and other internet service providers for educational purposes only.

Summing up, this step from the government would be really beneficial for students for the operation of their academic session. Also, e-learning would be easily accessible to maximum students. However, we should also consider the fact that there might be a difference between the declarations made by the government and the actual implementation of the same. So, it’ll be interesting to see if the government can actually provide free internet for students from the upcoming month.

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