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Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli Joins TikTok| Verified on the First Day

PM kp sharma Oli joins TikTok

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Sunday has created his official TikTok account. The account has been verified on the same day he created and the first video has been viewed over 345.5k times.


We are working on service integration digitalnepal

♬ original sound – We support Nepal – KP Sharma Oli

In the first video posted on the KP Sharma Oli Official Tik Tok account, the Prime Minister informed that the government has started the process of integrating the services directly linked to the citizens such as revenue, electricity tariff, customs duty, internal revenue, driver’s license and renewal into integrated services. He said in the video that work has been started to make the national identity card the main basis of service delivery.

Earlier, Prime Minister Oli’s presence was on Facebook and Twitter. The presence of the head of government on the popular and widely used video-sharing social network Tiktok can be taken as a positive step.

The Prime Minister will be making use of this social media to showcase the work done by the government as well as spreading out messages directly from the PM and build strong leadership.

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