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PUBG COLLAB WITH MICROSOFT |PUBG Mobile Coming Back to India Really Soon!

PUBG collabs with Microsoft

PUBG Mobile, was banned in India 2 months ago due to concerns about Indian users’ data privacy, security, and the fact that the game was published by the Chinese company, Tencent. For many people in India, the ban on PUBG Mobile was heart-breaking news. The famous Battle Royale game was still accessible to some users, which is why the company announced the full shutdown of game servers in India recently. Now, a week after this announcement, PUBG Mobile is reported to return to India really soon.

Krafton Inc., which is the parent company of PUBG Corporation has already announced it is working with Microsoft Azure to host its portfolio of multi-platform products which includes PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) on PC, consoles, and Mobile. With this collaboration with Microsoft to store the data of Indian users within the nation. The company would be able to comply with the conditions set by the Indian government in this way. PUBG is going to make a comeback in India very soon.

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If that’s not exciting enough for you, the report further mentions that the company could make an official announcement as soon as possible, and is also preparing a whole marketing campaign during the Diwali week. Moreover, the recent reports also say that PUBG Corp has privately informed some of the high-profile PUBG Mobile streamers in India that the game will be back in the country before the end of the year.

 PUBG wanted the game back in India since the official ban. No doubt, the game had a huge market in India. While the latest report is good news for Indian gamers and PUBG Corporation, it brings hope for the Indian gaming community. There are speculations that the game will soon be made available till then we’ll need to wait for further announcements.

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