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Realme UI 2.0 based on Android 11 released

realme ui

Android OEMs have been racing to release their customized user interface based on the recently launched Android 11. Realme lags no behind, launching the second version of its custom skin i.e. Realme UI 2.0 alongside Narzo 20 series today. The all-new realme UI will bring tons of customization features along with privacy upgrades. Let’s have a look upon its features:

1. Customization Features

Realme claims its skin to have become the most customizable user interface with its second version. Realme UI 2.0 brings support for third party launchers and icon packs . Similarly, it packs the new Global theme colour which lets you choose the accent color. The colour chosen will be highlighted in notification shades and default apps. The font size and style are more customizable than ever!

2. Improved Dark Mode

Realme claims to have made substantial improvements in its system-wide dark mode. The dark mode is now available in three options to better suit your preference. Realme also vouches for better sunlight visibility with the dark mode adjusting contrast based on ambient light.


Next one on the list is new AOD( Always On Display ) which is far more feature-rich and customizable. You can even create your custom patterns to be seen on AOD. More watch faces and text patterns are available.

4.Improved Privacy

Personal Information Protection is easier and smarter. Realme UI will monitor the payment apps so they don’t leak user’s credentials. System cloner allows a seamless transition between your personal and public life.

5. Performance Boosts

Floating window and the mini window allows user to conveniently minimize apps to the mini and floating windows and enjoy using two apps simultaneously on the same screen. Sleep Capsule and subtitle stitching are also some of the new add-ons.


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