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Understanding Mobile Processors

mobile processors

Are you among those who want to understand Mobile Tech but are limited by complex names of mobile processors? Well, then this article is exactly for Understanding mobile processors. You are going to learn how powerful is a mobile processor just by hearing the names.

mobile processors

The processor is the brain to any mobile phone. Whatever tasks you perform on your mobile phone is done by the processor. Your processor limits what you can and what you can’t do on your phone. Do you know why some phones load PUBG in a jiffy while some just take forever? Well, it has the same reason as to why rendering some video in an editing app takes a long time on some and not so long on some. You might have wondered why you can’t play PUBG in the highest settings as well. Your processor is to blame. Different processors have
different CPU and GPU capabilities. GPU decides what graphics does your processor support. Let’s see the naming strategy of processors from different brands.

1. Qualcomm

Snapdragon processor

Qualcomm is the most popular processor brand. Snapdragon is a suite of SoC’s developed by Qualcomm. There are various series like 400,600,700 and 800 series under it.

400 series

It is the least powerful of all as the naming suggests. Snapdragon 429,439,450 are some popular chips of this category. Snapdragon 460 is the most recent and most powerful one.

600 series

This series is a more powerful version of 400 series. Snapdragon 630, 636, 660, 632, 662, 665, 670 come under it. Snapdragon 675 is the most recent and powerful one under this category.

700 series

They lie somewhere in between the 600 and 800 series. Snapdragon 710, 712, 730/730G, 732G, 765G, 768G are some examples, 768G being the most powerful one as the naming suggests.

800 series

These are the flagship-grade chips. Every year, a new processor under 800 series gets developed and later that year a plus version of the same chip is brought. Most flagships make use of a contemporary 800 series chip. Snapdragon 835, 845,855,855+,865,865+ come under this series. They are most powerful among all and 865+ is the most powerful among them.

2. Mediatek

MediaTek announces Helio G70, G80 chipsets for low-cost gaming smartphones

MediaTek manufactures mobile chips under 2 suites:

Dimensity series

These are flagship-grade, 5G-incorporated chips. These chips are currently in use only in Chinese markets. Their performance is parallel to the Snapdragon 800 series.

Helio series

It is further classified into 2 categories:


The most capable one is P95 whose performance is similar to Snapdragon 710. Performance goes on decreasing across P90, P70, P65, P60, P35, P22 suite of chips. A25, A22, A20 are parallel to P22.


G stands for Gaming. These are the improved version of the P series. G95 is the most powerful chip whose performance is somewhere between 730G and 765G. G90T, G85, G80, G70 follow the same decreasing order.

3. Samsung Exynos

Exynos Processors -gadgetsguff

Exynos 990,9825,9820,980,9810 are some flagship chips. Exynos 9611/9610 are some exceptions. 9611 has its performance similar to Snapdragon 710. Then there are entry-level 7 series processors.

4. Huawei Kirin

Huawei kirin processor

It follows a similar naming. 9 series for flagships, 8 series and 7 series in descending order of power as the naming suggests.

4. Apple Bionic

Apple's  A11 processor

Every year Apple releases its new chip which beats every other chip of the year. A13 bionic was released in 2019, which is still the most powerful chip of all time. A12, A11, A10,…and so on were all the flagships of their own time.

This ends our article about understanding mobile processors. Hope it helps you in further days to come. Check this list if you want to know about the best phones in Nepal under 25000.

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